Project Accomplishments of the Manarola Foundation in 4 years of activity

Concrete results (the visible and measurable results)

  • 7.809 square meter of land restored
  • 418,50 square meter of dry-stone walls rebuilt
  • 3.053 square meter of land granted to 4 local private companies
  • 4.953 square meter of land granted in progress to Cooperativa Agricola Cinque Terre


Concrete secondary results (complementary to the primary goals of the Foundation):

  • anti- wild boars fences, with the help of the Cinque Terre National Park


Not concrete results (not visible or measurable):

  • 2 training courses completed, focusing on the disadvantaged categories (not employed or asylum-seekers), that had formed people that now have a stable job.


  • the next training course (the National Park will soon publish the competition announcement on its website). This course will focus on the rebuilding of dry-stone walls and it will be address to local people. It’s extremely important to pass down the ability and knowledge to build the dry-stone walls, because, otherwise the land would crumble!


Moreover, the census of the area identified as “intervention area” by the Foundation has been completed thanks to the contribution of the surveyors Enrica Galletti, Diego Maggiani e Mirco Romagnani. They were able to find and contact land owners using 657 land maps in which the area had been split up. The total intervention area consists of 107.431 square meter (about 11 hectars) that once restored have the ability to produce 74.600 bottles of wine, for an annual gross amount of 1 million of euro (average price per bottle 15€). So the unification process during the land grant phase to the Agriculture Companies, it’s extremely important in term of production increase.